Nothing typifies men’s fashion more than a classic white shirt. In every wardrobe, it occupies an honourable space as a stylish and elegant piece of attire which is forever universal.

“Ricardo” has been operating in the Polish market since 1984, when its founder, an economics graduate, discovered  his passion for tailoring and sold his first, personally sown white shirt. Despite the market conditions of the Polish economy in the 80s which did not favour entrepreneurial initiatives, we managed through our dedication and commitment to excellence to specialise in quality formal wear. With each new piece sown we arrived at a widely recognised standard of excellence. Eventually, the sole tradesman entity was transformed into a workplace, which has been operating in Silesia, Poland and the business operations has been extended abroad.

Over the years  we have also enriched our product range, introducing a youth version of the elegant shirt intended for the younger but no less demanding clients. The next business development step involved the introduction of business shirts. We have established cooperation with a number of businesses aware of the importance of their image. This gave us an opportunity to start  manufacturing female shirts without which our range would not be complete.

Currently, we continue to develop as a family business, with ever growing engagement and passion towards premium quality tailoring. Making the most of our past experience, we decided to introduce individually fitted tailoring into our service offer, where we are excited to be able to provide a classic shirt to anyone who wishes to own one personally tailored just for him.


„Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he's well dressed.”

Charles Dickens

It is generally accepted that a shirt is a part of a formal attire, however, in reality, the range of formality is quite wide. Our offer includes all variants, from tail-coat shirts, through tuxedo shirts with pleat for jewel buttons and cufflinks, to shirts with an ordinary collar and hidden pleat. Apart from classic white shirts we can also recommend ecru shirts. Our two main styles of shirts include standard and slim. The selection is so wide and varied that we are confident everybody will be able to find something suitable for themselves.


„People who succeeded at making a career agree that the attire is of great significance.”

Eleri Sampson

More and more businesses are becoming aware how important their employees’ image is, especially when they are in direct contact with their clients. In recent years, we had the pleasure of working with a number of companies and industries where we contributed to the development of their image through specifically designed and tailored shirts. In order to meet our clients’ demand we supply both men’s and women’s shirts which can be personalised to include an embroidered business logo. Similarly to the formal attire shirt we offer a wide range of options.


In our work, we have not forgotten the youngest. We manufacture elegant shirts for kindergarteners and school students. Perfectly fitted shirts allow for ultimate comfort during an important family gathering, a school event or every day wear. We take care of selecting appropriate fabric and style, so that we can satisfy each of our young clients.


„You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

Edith Head

Thanks to our many years’ experience we offer the opportunity for clients to have individually tailored shirts in a range of selected styles. We can suggest a number of cuts and styles varying in the form and type of collar, pleats and cuffs. Upon request, we ca also embryoid a monogram on the cuffs or in other more or less visible place. In order to increase the comfort of the individually fitted outfit we also ensure that we use appropriate fabric, for example Egyptian cotton. We make every effort to ensure that the client of this unique product is wearing appropriate attire for any challenge he may come across.


For men’s shirts tolerance of the B and S sizes is [+/-0,5cm], for all other sizes [+/-2cm]. For women’s shirts tolerance of all sizes is [+/-2cm].





We are passionate about what we do and we continuously look for new inspirations. New contacts are most welcome!

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